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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Generation Trek

Posted on by beth

CONNECTIVITY A baby of the baby boomers, I was born at the tail end of an era commonly referred to as Generation X: a generation of lost selves, highly educated … Continue reading

The globetrekker’s greatest trek

Posted on by beth

On a blustery autumn evening in 2002, I made what has been to date, the most eventful decision of my life. It was the first night of my new job … Continue reading

Globetrekker Couple #1

Posted on by beth

Meet Alki and Mick. Alki is a MIT alum from Lexington Massachusetts. Mick is a computer engineer from Brest, France. A globetrekker to the core, she is certainly no stranger … Continue reading

Host country goggles

Posted on by beth

In the process of adapting to life abroad, my first step, whether passing through or settling into a more permanent routine, is to slip on a pair of “host country … Continue reading

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