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Sommer in the city: Surf’s up in Munich!

Posted on by beth

Summer in Munich conjures images of beer gardens, giant pretzels, bucolic mornings spent cycling along rolling green hills, beds of sunflowers, picnics in the park and of course, late afternoon … Continue reading

Globe kickers !

Posted on by beth

Globe kickers Every Sunday, women from all corners of the globe gather on a grassy field just beside the aged walls of the Château de Vincennes in Paris, France. Dressed … Continue reading

Generation Trek

Posted on by beth

CONNECTIVITY A baby of the baby boomers, I was born at the tail end of an era commonly referred to as Generation X: a generation of lost selves, highly educated … Continue reading

The globetrekker’s greatest trek

Posted on by beth

On a blustery autumn evening in 2002, I made what has been to date, the most eventful decision of my life. It was the first night of my new job … Continue reading

Globetrekker Couple #1

Posted on by beth

Meet Alki and Mick. Alki is a MIT alum from Lexington Massachusetts. Mick is a computer engineer from Brest, France. A globetrekker to the core, she is certainly no stranger … Continue reading

Host country goggles

Posted on by beth

In the process of adapting to life abroad, my first step, whether passing through or settling into a more permanent routine, is to slip on a pair of “host country … Continue reading

Almost chic

Posted on by beth

When I first moved to Paris nearly ten years ago, I arrived as a bubbly, vivacious college student from sunny California. Years of saturating my brain with romantic clichés of … Continue reading

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