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A whole new world of trekking : a glimpse of life as a volunteer

Posted on by beth

TRAVEL IS MY LIFE I love traveling. I live for it actually. I don’t own a bed, or a television or a couch. I’m never in one place long enough … Continue reading

Taxicab Confessions

Posted on by beth

      ANTI-SOCIAL, me? Standing on the curb, my stomach growling, I waved my hand discretely to beckon the weathered yellow taxi slowly driving by. The midday city heat … Continue reading

Treks worth sharing

Posted on by beth

In memory of the fearless treks of those who make freedom possible, may our travels teach us to follow in their footsteps…. “There is nothing like returning to a place … Continue reading

Globe kickers !

Posted on by beth

Globe kickers Every Sunday, women from all corners of the globe gather on a grassy field just beside the aged walls of the Château de Vincennes in Paris, France. Dressed … Continue reading

Generation Trek

Posted on by beth

CONNECTIVITY A baby of the baby boomers, I was born at the tail end of an era commonly referred to as Generation X: a generation of lost selves, highly educated … Continue reading

Almost chic

Posted on by beth

When I first moved to Paris nearly ten years ago, I arrived as a bubbly, vivacious college student from sunny California. Years of saturating my brain with romantic clichés of … Continue reading

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